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Cancellation policy

After you register for the course, we will check your level online and confirm your class. We will then send you an invoice and information about payment methods. Please be sure to pay by the specified date.
Once payment has been made, the admission fee will not be refunded under any circumstances.
In the event of cancellation or withdrawal, the refund policy is as follows:
・ The tuition fee will be refunded if you notify us at least 3 days before the commencent of your registered course. Documentation must be submitted for those applying for a reunf under these circmstances.
・ No refund will be given for requests made after your registered course has commenced. Please contact us if this situation applies.
After your payment has been confirmed, we will inform you of your login ID, password, and any other information required for the course. Please ensure that you are able to read and write hiragana and katakana before your registered course commences.
If the number of applicants falls below a specified number, the class may be postponed or cancelled. Please note.
I have confirmed the above refund policy.

I have confirmed the above refund policy.