What age are you taking?

A wide range of courses are taken from university students to those in their 70s.One of the attractions of Japanese teachers is that they can make use of their experience and take on challenges of any age.

I can't speak a foreign language, is that okay?

At Japanese language schools in Japan, the "direct method" that teaches Japanese only in Japanese is the mainstream.Foreign language proficiency is not a requirement at most Japanese language institutions.

Can foreigners also take this course?

There are no nationality requirements for attendance.Every year, although there are only a few people, foreign nationals are also taking the course.However, due to the nature of the learning content, a high level of Japanese proficiency at the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N1 level is required.

Is it possible to take classes while working?

In the evening course, most of the students are aiming for qualification while working. One lesson is shorter than the daytime course, and it takes a sufficient amount of time for one year, so you can take it without difficulty.

What if I miss class?

If it is unavoidable that you cannot attend, you can make up for the lecture by watching the lecture video.However, please note that even if you take a make-up class, you will not be treated as attending.

Are there any requirements for completing the course?

yes, I have.The following three are the main requirements for completion.

・ Clear the passing score in the final exam of each subject of the theoretical exercise. (If it fails, we will try again)

・ Participate in educational training in each subject of practical training.

・ Attendance rate should not be less than 80% of the total.

Is it possible to tour before enrollment?

You cannot observe the actual class.However, instead, we offer a free "special experience course" of about 60 minutes once a month. Let's learn about Japanese language education together while feeling the atmosphere of the ECC Japanese Language Institute school and instructors.

Will I really be able to teach Japanese if I take the course?

In ECC's Japanese language teacher training course, we spend more time on "practical training" than the average number of hours at other schools.The content will be practiced by actually making a lesson plan and teaching at all levels from beginner to advanced.This is also one of the major features of ECC.Therefore, it does not mean that "only beginners can teach", which is common immediately after completing the course. At ECC, you will be required to work on "practical training" with the goal of "teaching from the day after completion."

Is there anyone who is actually working under the instructor appointment system to ECC Japanese Language Institute?

Yes, there are many. Some people choose our school because they can take advantage of the methods learned in ECC and stand on the podium as they are.