What I feel has improved the most in the last 8 months is
What you want to say in Japanese
It is now possible to convey it properly.

Shizuka / Graduated in March 2021 Japanese Comprehensive Course (3 year) (from Taiwan)

What can you do in Japanese?

I made Japanese friends.Also, I can't speak fluently, but now I can speak what I want to convey.You can feel your progress when you watch a drama or read a newspaper or magazine.I can understand the contents more than before!

How about the classes at ECC Japanese Language Institute?

ECC lessons are not the usual old school teaching method.
While teaching new grammar, I value practical daily conversation.Talking with Japanese teachers will give you practical skills.The bi-weekly presentation trains you in speaking, writing Japanese, and presenting in front of a large audience.What I feel has improved the most in the last eight months is that I can now convey what I want to say in Japanese.Even if all the grammar and words are incorrect, I think the most important thing in learning a language is to have the courage to speak.If you speak with courage, you can correct any mistakes.

How about the teachers and staff of ECC Japanese Language Institute?

The teaching methods of the teachers are very easy for foreigners to understand.Each teacher is unique, serious and has a deep interest in students.It adjusts the lesson content and schedule according to the progress and situation of learning.