Well in just XNUMX months
It is said that you have improved.

Ed / (from England)

What can you do in Japanese?

I can understand grammar faster and deeper than when I was self-taught.Every week, the grammar and vocabulary learned in class can be used in the same day as the practice in class in the exchange of business emails and telephones.
Colleagues at work often say that they have improved so much in just three months.

How about the classes at ECC Japanese Language Institute?

Because it is a small class, you can talk a lot from the beginning to the end.You can adapt to various situations and acquire the ability to interact naturally.The teaching method is different from the usual way of writing textbooks, and I can practice to speak Japanese more naturally, so I have become more confident in speaking and listening in Japanese.

How about the teachers and staff of ECC Japanese Language Institute?

The teachers and staff are very kind and friendly.
They respond to the needs of each of us students by seriously addressing their progress and learning problems and giving advice on how to solve them.They are always happy to help you, even outside of class hours.