Choose ECC Japanese Language Institute,
I think it was really good.

Wang / Comprehensive Japanese Course (2 years) graduate (from Taiwan)

How was it when you actually attended ECC Japanese Language School?

Since I was in Taiwan, I heard that the ECC Japanese Language Institute is a tough school, but I wanted to improve my Japanese quickly, so I finally chose the ECC Japanese Language Institute.
When I actually go to school, I think it's a little tougher than other Japanese language schools.I have a lot of homework and tests every day.However, thanks to such study, I think my Japanese has really improved.
The teachers are kind, and even when I don't understand, they gave me detailed explanations, and now I'm really glad that I chose ECC Japanese Language Institute.This school is recommended for those who want to improve their Japanese quickly.

Please tell us your impressions of other students such as classmates.

All my classmates are kind.
At first, I didn't understand each other, and when I was practicing conversation in pairs, I was embarrassed and couldn't speak anything.
However, as I got along for a long time, I started talking about various things and became more and more friends.All the students who are not in the same class seem to be kind, and I think that there are many serious students who attend the ECC Japanese Language Institute.

How is your life in Japan?

When I first came to Japan, I was very anxious.Not only the language but also the culture is different, so I once wanted to give up and go home.However, during the year and a half since I came to Japan, I was able to learn about Japanese culture and Japanese national character while experiencing various things.Now I'm used to life and I'm enjoying every day!