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[Residents in Japan] ☆ Kobe School ☆ Recruiting July students!

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Those who live in Osaka, Hyogo prefecture and want to study Japanese!

We are looking for students for the "Japanese Comprehensive Course" starting from August 2022, 8 (Friday).

"Japanese Comprehensive Course" isThis is a course to study "listening," "speaking," "reading," and "writing" quickly and in a well-balanced manner.

Those who want to live in Japan more comfortably and enjoy communication with Japanese people!

Please feel free to contact us first.

[Period] August 2022th (Friday) -September 8th (Friday), 26 * 9 days in total

[Time] 3 hours a day in the morning / afternoon (Example: Morning class 9: 15-12: 35 Afternoon class 13: 40-17: 00)

* The holding time varies slightly depending on each school.

[Level] Beginner to advanced

[Tuition] Admission fee 11,000 yen / Tuition fee 88,000 yen / Miscellaneous expenses 1,100 yen Total 100,100 yen

* A separate textbook fee is required.

In addition to the above, there are also online courses and private lessons.

Please contact us.

ECC Japanese Language Institute Kobe School

TEL: 078-261-1440

e-mail: jpkobe@ecc.co.jp