Reasons for choosing ECC

Reasons for choosing the ECC Japanese Language Institute

ECC teaching method image that draws out independence and strengthens communication power

XNUMXst Reason

ECC's teaching methodology fosters communication skills and draws out learner's inner independence.

The essence of ECC 's teaching methodology lies in "drawing out" a student's skill. We teach our students to speak confidently and freely in any situation through giving them plenty of opportunities to use the Japanese they have learned and by having students repeatedly give presentations in front of others from the time they are beginners. Students don't just practice speaking. The four skills of listening, speaking, reading, and writing are comprehensively developed through the effective repetition of both input and output, solidifying our learners' Japanese abilities and communication skills.

Image of professional teachers who are familiar with the guidance to draw out

XNUMXnd Reason

Professional instructors skilled at guiding students to best draw out their abilities

The instructors at the ECC Japanese Language Institute are thoroughly committed to teaching in a way that draws out our students' independence and motivation. Instructors are well-trained in how to encourage students to speak more, how to communicate with students, how to teach students of every level, and in what to teach, so that students can play a leading role in the class. After starting teaching, our educators check classes and hold regular meetings to ensure the consistent quality of our classes. Our instructors are highly regarded by their students, not only for their Japanese language teaching experience but also for their wide range of knowledge and diverse experiences.

Image of a thorough support system that helps continue learning

XNUMXrd Reason

Thorough support system that helps students continue their studies

ECC provides not only educational support, but also living support, to ensure that any factors that could create barriers to language learning are dealt with and provide the best environment to support continued learning. This educational and living support not only prevents barriers to language learning from arising, it also guides each student to achieve his or her goals.

Image of providing a place for interaction and communication with Japanese people

XNUMXth Reason

ECC provides opportunities to interact and communicate with Japanese people.

Schools of the ECC Japanese Language Institute are located nearby other schools of the ECC group, such as the ECC Transfer Institute and the Foreign Language Institute, so there are many opportunities to communicate with Japanese students who are studying with the ECC group. By gaining a deeper understanding of colleagues from diverse backgrounds and with diverse values, you can cultivate genuine communication skills and stimulate each other, creating an environment where you can persevere in your study free from feelings of frustration or discouragement. Make the most of the opportunities for cultural exchange that only ECC can provide.

Image of a Japanese language school run by the general educational institution ECC

XNUMXth Reason

The Japanese language school is run by the general education institution ECC

Since its establishment in XNUMX, ECC has developed from language schools to a comprehensive language institute that continues to grow throughout Japan. We are proud to say that this success has been achieved through the trust and popularity we have gained over our many years within Japan. The ECC Japanese Language Institute, which is operated by the ECC Group, provides students with a comprehensive education that will serve them well in the future.