[Saturday, May 5] Special experience course

A special trial course will be held on Saturday, May 5th!

This course is a course where you can participate in the "Conversation Meeting" held at our school.

Date: April 5 (Sat) 20:11-00:12

Place: ECC Japanese Language Institute Nagoya school 3rd floor

Participation benefits: Enrollment fee (up to 22,000 yen) exemption


What is Conversation Meeting?

This is a meeting where you can enjoy chatting "in Japanese" with international students studying Japanese at our Japanese language school.

Since it is not a class, you will be asked to have a conversation using pictures, photographs, and in some cases a dictionary.

For what purpose do the students who are actually studying Japanese come?How is life in Japan?etc,

It's an opportunity to ask such a simple question directly.


Many beginners who have been studying Japanese for about a month and a half will participate.

Before participating in the conversation meeting, we plan to set aside time to think about [Yasashii Nihongo] for about 30 minutes.

Even those who are worried about suddenly being able to talk to international students can participate with peace of mind.


It's a meeting that you can feel free to join, so if you're interested, please contact us (^^)


For applications and inquiries, please see below ↓↓
Or use the inquiry form on our website.