Various applications are being accepted

The new year has started, but we are still accepting applications!
[Mid-April enrollment now open]
Japanese Teacher Training Course 12-month Course Early enrollment is possible!
It's a 4-month course with classes starting on Saturday, April 8th.
Mid-April enrollment is possible!
Those who are interested but have missed the timing
Those who want to start something new from April
Those who learned about training courses and Japanese teachers after April
Please feel free to contact me (^^)
[Starting in May, 5 hours of practical training, now accepting applications]
From May 5th (Sat), we will be holding a course for practical self-study only!
This course is held on Saturdays, so it is recommended for those who do not have time on weekdays.
In addition, we will conduct two 45-minute teaching practices, so it is possible to practice a lot for one frame.
The teaching material to be handled is "Connecting and Expanding Life in Japanese", so
The training will be conducted assuming that the learners are living in Japan.
[Conversation meeting accepting participation]
On Saturday, May 5th and Saturday, May 6th, we are planning to hold a "conversation meeting" to talk with students who are attending our Japanese language school.
We are planning to have beginner level students gather, so I hope they will have fun interacting while showing gestures and images.
The holding time is 11 hour from 30:12 to 30:1.
We look forward to hearing from you (^^)(^^)
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