*Held this weekend* A special trial course will be held on Saturday, March 3!

[March] Announcement of a special trial course!
Lecture theme: Meeting with international students
Date and time: Saturday, July 3, 11: 12-00: 13
Implementation method: Online (zoom)
Admission: Free
Participation benefits: Admission fee exemption
There are many foreigners studying Japanese at our school, including international students!
Would you like to take this opportunity to talk to our students?
Not only for those who do not have the opportunity to talk with foreigners who are learning Japanese,
Please feel free to join us if you are even slightly interested!
The purpose of this meeting is to have fun and chat (^^)
Applications are accepted in the following ways.
☏ 052-339-2977
Or it is possible from our HP special experience course application form!
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