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It's happening this weekend! ! (Both online participation and on-campus participation are possible)


※※Held this weekend※※
[February 2th] Information on the special experience course!
Date and time: Saturday, July 2, 25: 13-00: 14
Lecture Content: JICA Overseas Cooperation Volunteers Seminar
Venue: ECC Japanese Language Institute Nagoya School 3F and online
(both are OK to participate)
Mr. Kamiya, who used to work as a part-time lecturer at our school,
Please tell us about your experiences as a JICA Overseas Cooperation Volunteer.
What made you want to become a Japanese teacher? Why did you apply for the Japan Overseas Cooperation Volunteers?
Of course, the state of the activities of the JOCV, I have seen through the activities
We plan to talk about issues, activities after returning home, and connections with the local area.
Those who want to be involved in Japanese language education overseas,
Those who want to know what kind of activities JICA Overseas Cooperation Volunteers are doing
If you are interested in the seminar, please join us!
It's a good opportunity to hear directly from experienced people (^^)
Applications are accepted in the following ways.
☏ 052-339-2977
Or it is possible from our HP special experience course application form

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