Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test Pass Interview

This time, we interviewed students who passed the Japanese Language Teaching Competency Test!
He is currently attending the 12-month course, but he also took the exam preparation course at our school and successfully passed it.
congratulations! !
I also received a message for everyone who is thinking about my own study method and the annual exam,
Please read it by all means (^^)
[XNUMX] Please tell me the reason for taking the exam.
I took the exam thinking it would be a necessary qualification to work as a Japanese teacher someday.
In fact, I didn't have the confidence to balance work, training courses, and studying for exams, so I couldn't make up my mind to take the exams until the summer.
[XNUMX] You took the exam while you were taking the training course.
Considering the nature of the certification exam, which has a very wide range of exams, it was very efficient to conduct the training course at ECC Japanese Language Institute and study for the entrance exam at the same time.
I was able to enjoy studying, so I don't think I had any difficulties, but on the day of the exam, I was physically and mentally exhausted more than I had imagined.
[XNUMX] Please tell me how to study!
Studying for entrance exams started with a preparatory course just before Obon.
From the balance between work and training courses, it is divisible from the beginning that nothing other than the textbooks and resumes to be learned in the training courses will be touched,
I put aside what I had already learned in the training course, and focused on teaching methods and grammar, which had many problems and had not yet been learned.
In the last-minute preparation course, while solving past questions for three years, if there are vocabulary words that you do not understand, put them together in one notebook,
I used to look back at my notes when I had time.
I brought the notebook with me on the day of the exam.
On the weekend of October, due to time constraints, except for solving two years of past questions that were not covered in the last-minute preparation course, assuming the actual performance,
I continued to devote myself to reviewing the training course resumes and tests.
[XNUMX] Was there anything useful in the last-minute preparation course?what is that?
The lecturer's past question commentary book covers basic knowledge in detail, and I read it over and over again until the day of the exam.
As for writing, I had a hard time just writing XNUMX characters, but I am very grateful to you for giving me various guidance such as the structure of the sentences.
I received a lot of advice from the instructors of the training course, so I was able to face the actual performance with confidence.
[XNUMX] Please give a word to those who are thinking about taking the certification exam next year!
Even as a working adult in my 40s, I was able to pass the training course and the last-minute preparation course as the core of studying for the exam.
I think there are some people who pass by self-study, but "I'm worried about self-study",
If you are aiming to become a Japanese teacher, please consult with ECC Japanese Language School.
I think that you will enjoy studying for the entrance exam while receiving strong support toward the realization of passing! !
I hope that the content of the interview will be helpful for those who are thinking about taking training courses and certification exams in the future (*^^*)