[Introduction] Practical training

The practical training courses currently being offered are:
As the name suggests, it is a course to acquire skills to stand on the podium!
★ Teaching material analysis
As with English textbooks, many Japanese textbooks have been created for various purposes.
In order to be able to learn more effectively, it is necessary for the teacher to understand the characteristics of the material.
Teaching material analysis is essential for teaching.
★ Teaching plan creation
A lesson plan is like a manual that tells you how to proceed with the lesson for the day.
What to do, how far, in what flow, what kind of teaching tools to use when, etc.
Create it so that the progress of the lesson will not be delayed.
If you have a lesson plan, you can prevent forgetting to teach, and you can calmly respond even if you are pressed for time or have extra time.
★Mock class
After analyzing the teaching materials and creating a teaching plan,
Now it's time to actually try out what you've created!
Even things that seemed to flow smoothly in the lesson plan were different when I actually tried it!It is often the case.
I learn a lot not only by doing mock classes myself, but also by watching other people's mock classes.
★ Teaching practice
After several mock classes, it's finally time for teaching practice!
In the mock class, other students are treated as students.
Practicum is actually teaching foreigners.
In some cases, unexpected reactions and responses may come back! ?
It's important to enjoy such a scene and finish it without regrets!
I wrote a lot,
Did you get a little idea of ​​the practical training?
If you are interested, please feel free to contact us (^^)