The future changes with words.

Language changes the future.

Seriously face what the students are looking for
They are patient and have fun lessons.

As the same language teacher, if this is your Japanese ability
Rest assured that you can stretch it
I was able to take a class.

Teachers support both life and study
I am always very grateful.

The future changes with words.

Language changes the future.

Busan Area

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The ECC Japanese Language Institute opened its Nagoya school in 1992, and now has schools in three cities around Japan, including Tokyo and Kobe. All of the Japanese language schools are located in the center of the city, with easy access to the train station, shopping and restaurants. and you can enjoy shopping, The Tokyo is a large metropolis, Nagoya is very convenient, and Kobe is a beautiful city surrounded by mountains and the sea. You can choose between these charming cities according to your tastes.


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A variety of people, such as students who come to Japan for long-term study abroad, short-term study abroad, or on a working holiday, those who live in Japan for work or as a spouse, and those who participate in Japanese language training at companies are all studying at the ECC Japanese Language Institute. ECC's proven teaching methods and curriculum, based on expertise and know-how accumulated over many years, helps each student realize his or her dreams.

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To help students enjoy a stress-free life in Japan, the ECC Japanese Language Institute can introduce them to a large number of affiliated apartments, guesthouses, student dormitories, and homestay options. If you need assistance finding accommodations, please inform us of your desired type of accommodation and your budget.

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